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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 3, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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and there were many times when i thought, i don't think i'm going to make it anymore. >> at 11:00, an american ebola patient talks for the first time about her recovery. she looks great. >> yeah, she does. >> thanks so much for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. we start with that, that american doctor surviving the ebola virus, out speaking this morning. her family is celebrating her health, but we're also finding out about a third american doctor with ebola. and erika edwards has more on that. >> reporter: for the first time, we're hearing from nancy writebol, one of the american missionaries who became infected
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with ebola after serving in africa. >> there are many times when i woke up and thought, i'm alive! >> reporter: her heart sank when she heard the news another colleague has fallen ill with ebola in africa. 53-year-old rick secra was treating pregnant women, not ebola patients. >> we have no confirmation at this time about the exact contact point that dr. secra had with ebola or contracted it. >> reporter: nancy writebol and her colleague, dr. kent brantly, are now free of the virus, but still recovering. in an interview with matt lauer, brantly says he found peace in his faith while he was at his sickest. >> as i sat there facing my own possible death from ebola, i said, god, i know -- i know you can save me. i know you can.
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but even if you don't, i want to be faithful to you. >> reporter: the ebola outbreak in africa is the worst in history, infecting more than 3,500, killing more than 1,500. erika edwards, nbc news. >> president obama says the u.s. will not be intimidated by the horrific beheading of a second u.s. journalist in as many weeks. this is the only image that we will show you of steven sotloff's last moments, which were spent reading a criticism of u.s. foreign policy. president obama said he was a courageous journalist, whose life was a stark contrast to the mission of the isis group, who killed him. >> they make claims that they kill in the name of religion. but it was steven, his friends say, who deeply loved the islamic world. his killers try to claim that they defend the oppressed, but it was steven who traveled across the middle east, risking his life to tell the story of muslim men and women demanding
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justice and dignity. >> speaking from estonia, the president says the murders of steven sotloff and fellow journalist james foley before him only strengthen the u.s.' resolve to degrade and destroy isis. meanwhile, david cameron was holding an emergency meeting today with senior officials to examine every possible option to save another journalist, a british journalist, who isis says will be killed next. new at 11:00, a warning for pet owners on the peninsula after a number of cats were killed by coyotes. nbc bay area's bob redell live in palo alto with more. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, scott. over about the past month, palo alto animal services have found about ten cats killed by coyotes, at least one attack taking place here around robles park, which is in a very residential neighborhood. home surveillance video from about a year ago shows how easy it is for these outdoor cats to become prey.
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it's dark and grainy, but you can see the large, light-colored figure, that's the coyote, dragging away the smaller, dark-colored object, which was, unfortunately, someone's cat. that's why animal services is asking people to not leave your cats outside at night when the coyotes are looking for food. bring them indoors, same with small dogs. animal control has noticed that over the past couple of years, coyotes have started moving down from the hills. and over the last couple of weeks, they're even moving farther north and east, closer to these residential areas. every day last week, the officer responded to a cat killed by a coyote. that's seven last week alone. a couple locations marked on the map, you can see that there was an attack in southwest los altos and here in palo alto, near robeles park. >> this is only speculation, but in the past few years we've noticed an increase and in the past few years we've had a drought. i don't know if the food sources or water sources are drying up up in the hills, so they're
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following the creeks down. that's only one theory. >> reporter: we also spoke with project coyote. they're a nonprofit thatt e advocates on behalf of coyotes and other predatory animals. the organization tells us that this is the time of the year when coyote pups leave their den sites. they go out on their own to establish a territory, which could also partially explain the recent uptick in cat attacks. you can learn more about project coyote by logging on to our website at reporting live in palo alto, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you much. plus in pittsburgh made an arrest in a deadly hit-and-run case. the officers released surveillance video, hoping to catch the driver. it is a crash that happened on sunday night, near the corner of willow pass road and mountain view avenue. police say the driver veered off the road, hit a light pole, and crashed into the woman, who was pushing a shopping cart on the sidewalk. police identified the victim as 50-year-old michelle braz. police are not saying much about the suspect that they arrested, except that he is a man from bay
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point. we continue to follow a developing story in san francisco, where police are investigating the deadly stabbing of a high school student. a 14-year-old boy attacked, just before 7:00 late last night or last night, rather, on the corner of fulsome and 25th in the mission. he died at the hospital. we do know the man attended sacred heart in san francisco, but police are not giving much detail on a suspect or a motive. investigators looking into what sparked an early morning fire at a san jose law firm. it broke out around 4:00 this morning at heading street in the alameda, very close to 880. firefighters able to get the flames under control quickly. not much damage. could have been a lot worse. it apparently started in or near a gas line and there are apartments nearby, but nobody had to be evacuated. uc berkeley is gathering some of the world's top earthquake experts there in the bay area to push for an earthquake early warning system. nbc bay area's stephanie chuang
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tells us why some people think the system is long overdue. >> reporter: as california forecasts predict a 94% chance for a magnitude 7.0 earthquake hitting california some time in the next 30 years. so the conversation about early warnings is especially critical. now, governor jerry brown has been pushing for a system that could give up to 60 seconds of advance warning before potentially damaging shaking itself. that could save lives and a lot of money. the south napa quake at 6.0 caused at least $500 million to $1 billion and that was in napa alone. the city is estimating $300 million in damage to privately owned homes and commercial properties. streets there are still blocked off with more than 1,000 buildings either red or yellow tagged. cals system gave a ten-second warning ahead of the quake that was a week and a half ago. the state duoes have an early warning system tested in long beach here in april. part of the development of this system takes from other countries, like japan.
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its warning system gave the public vital advance warning of the magnitude 9.0 quake in 2011, automatically broadcast on tv and radio, with 52 million people getting their warning on the smartphones. the system safely stopped bullet trains and warned universities and businesses, which allowed people time to take cover. as for the systems here in california, the office of emergency services has until january 1st, 2016, to identify funding. the early estimates for the cost to build start at $80 million. at uk berkeley, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> but they are precious seconds. pg&e is facing a record-setting penalty. in the review of the explosion and the company's pipeline records, state administrative judges say that they found pg&e violated more than 3,700 laws, rules, and regulations. if the record-setting $1.4 billion penalty is approved by the cpuc and pg&e shareholders
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will be required to spend $950 million to the state general fund, $400 million to a pipeline safety implementation plan, and another $50 million to fund other safety improvements. some survivors of the deadly blast say a fine, no matter what the amount, will never be enough. >> i think about the people that died. and i don't -- i'm still not satisfied that corporations essentially get away with negligent homicide. >> reporter: if no one appeals the penalty in 30 days, the cpuc will review that decision. it remains unclear this morning will ray mcdonald will play in the 49ers' season opener against the cowboys on sunday, despite facing charges of domestic violence. mcdonald was at the team's practice yesterday and so far, the team has taken no action in terms of punishing the defensive end. san jose police released the official incident report, revealing the victim, mcdonald's
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pregnant fiancee had, quote, visible injuries. he called 911 early sunday morning following mcdonald's birthday party at his san jose home. a party many teammates were at, include tight end, vernon davis. >> no, i didn't see much of anything. you know, i was just, you know, trying to stay out of it. i just, you know, i just, i wanted to really try to see what was going on. but like i said, i talked to ray later whenever he has time and tried to figure out what was going on over there. but when it comes to family, i try to stay out of the way. >> both head coach jim harbaugh and general manager trent balky emphasized the 49ers' organization will not tolerate domestic violence. yesterday, we told you about the unveiling of a walk of fame in the castro, and this morning, we've learned of a few mistakes on that newly cemented rainbow honor walk. take a look at some of the typos we found, including this one honoring christine yorgenson.
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the word "transgendered" is missing an "s." and on the plaque for oscar wilde, the word, "biting" has an extra "t," so it's "bitting." it tells the story of the men and women who stepped out of the shadows and were honest about ones that they loved. the fund-raiser and selection process is now underway for another 20 plaques. still the come, another change at cvs. what it's no longer selling and a new name, next. plus, which procedure gives women the best chance of surviving breast cancer. the surprising answer in a new stanford study. and we're getting some amazing before and after drought photos into the newsroom. we're going to show you these and talk about statistically when we should be getting our first significant rainfall, right here in the bay area, when nbc bay area news at 11:00 comes right back.
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this morning, a groundbreaking study says a double mastectomy may not be a woman's best chance at surviving breast cancer. the results of the study come from researchers at stanford and the cancer prevention institute of california in fremont. that study looked at nearly every california woman diagnosed with one cancerous tumor in a single breast between 1998 and 2011. the study compared double mastecto mastectomy, single mastectomy and lumpectomy followed by radiation. it found that there is no difference in long-term survival between those who chose a double mastectomy and those who chose a lumpectomy followed by radiation. but the study found that there is a slightly higher death rate among women who choose mastectomy in one breast. according to the study, women are increasingly choosing double
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mastectomy. it's not clear why, though many people point to angelina jolie's decision to remove both of her breasts. jolie underwent the procedure, she says, for two reasons. one, she carries a gene that puts her at a very high risk for breast cancer, and she also has a family history of breast cancer. that new study and a so-called angelina effect will be discussed tomorrow at the 2014 breast cancer symposium in san francisco. cvs is now tobacco free. the company says as of this morning, it is no longer selling tobacco products. the move comes nearly a month ahead of schedule. back in february, the company announced it would make that switch by october 1st. now the only smoking products to be found at the checkout counter are those designed to help people quit, like nicotine gum and patches. free lunch at companies like apple and google are a nice side benefit to working there, but should they be considered income and taxed? many bay area companies give their employees free meals all day along, not just breakfast,
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lunch, and dinner, but snacks as well, and that has caught the attention of the irs. published reports show the irs is designating those meals as taxable fringe benefits, similar to a company car or a gym membership. >> i think we're regulated and taxed enough as it is. and if employers want to give their employees benefits like that, they should be allowed to. >> obviously, they don't want to have to pay the extra tax and they certainly don't want to have have their employees pay tax on the free lunch that they're providing. so they're going to fight the irs on this. >> some tax experts say the larger tech companies, google and facebook and what not can easily afford to pay that tax, while ones with smaller budgets may be forced to do away with free meals altogether. the high school teacher who posted threatening tweets about her students was the subject of a debate at a school board meeting last night. newark memorial high school teacher krista hodges has been underfire since tweets were discovered saying that already she wanted to stab some kids and that some students, quote, make
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my trigger finger itchy. one of the hodges' students spoke to the school board last night, asking them to keep her on the job, but some parents are calling for her to be fired. hodges has said that she received a written reprimand from the district, but did keep her job. we have new video showing the san francisco stowaway before she was arrested at a new airport. this is surveillance video showing marilyn hartman walking through the terminal in phoenix. she was -- this was shot last week. she's in the light blue jacket there and talking to the police. hartman did not have a ticket. they did catch up with her in baggage claim, escorted her out of the airport. hartman arrested last month in los angeles, rather, after sneaking through security at san jose international and on to a plane at l.a.x. she's opinion arrested several times at sfo as well. and amazing new video this morning showing thieves trying to steal an atm from a kansas convenience store, ramming a van
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in the front window, they go inside, they try to crack open the machine, but they cannot do it, so they get back in the van, smash into the building five more times. police say they actually got away with the atm's computer, but not the cash or even any merchandise. >> but clearly they were trying to do it the easy way. >> yes, i'd just go up and hit a couple of buttons. >> you'd just go to work. police desperate to find a serial shoplifter, so desperate, they're offering a unique reward. >> police are calling this man, el mustacheio, the musician, because he has the ability to make bose speakers disappear from costco into thin air. his first strike was in july, but he's popped up a number of times. and in the most recent picture, he does appear to have shaven off his famous mustache. they're hoping this commemorative el mustacheio pint glass help anyone who knows him to help identify him.
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>> if you help identify him, you get a glass. that's clever. >> people have different motivations for doing the right thing. >> i think it's great. let's check our weather with christina. >> remember zorro. he would put his name on there. 67 degrees in san jose. 64 in san martin. always nice to have a little incentive and getting outdoors today is going to be nice, because the incentive is beautiful weather that will change pretty soon. as we get into next week, we're back into the hot territory. so seize the day, and especially the next couple of days. temperatures are going to be really comfortable. right now, we're in the 60s and 70s. we've got widespread cloud cover out there. at this time, those low clouds still spanning all the way fl d inland. you can see that, all the way across the bay bridge. that thick, low cloud cover. for this morning, temperatures are going to stay on the cool side, but we'll end up nice and warm at about 76 on the east shore. 70 for san francisco. and 86 out in the north bay for today. oakland a's have a day game and
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temperatures will be comfortable for that game. 90 out in the tri-valley, if you keep on heading out to the east, temperatures keep on getting hotter. let's talk about where we're headed. more of the same for the next couple of days. thick drizzle for tomorrow morning and low cloud cover. as we get into your weekend, temperatures stay nice and steady. and next week, we are going to bring on the heat. soaring back into the 90s. so enjoy this nice stretch, as long as it lasts. now i want to show you guys some pictures. these came into the newsroom a little bit later on. this is from lake oroville late 2001 in july. from the department of later resources. now, i want to show you what lake oroville looks like today. this is taken august 2014. i want to tell you, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. our rainy season is around the corner. climatologically speaking, we should be getting our first rain before we hit the 30th of this month. overall, hoping this picture will change dramatically, but impressive pictures coming out
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of lake oroville. >> that's impressive. and we've been thinking about taking kids camping and fishing, but we can't find water. up next, the ultrasound picture that's gone viral. >> the unusual thing a baby was doing, coming up next.
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a live look now at coliseum. the a's back in action this afternoon after losing to the mariners last night, 6-5 in a squeaker. first pitch is in about an hour, 12:35. now, speaking of the coliseum, it appears that the raiders could be inching closer to getting a new stadium in oakland. the "chronicle's" ross report a deal to build the retail complex called coliseum city hinges on the approval from raiders' owner, mark davis. an attorney representing backers
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of the complex say that the basic terms of a financial deal have been worked out among his group, the city, and the team. teachers across the country trumpeting a new study they hope will bring back money for music programs nationwide. >> researchers at northwestern university found that giving underserved kids access to music lessons and instruments can greatly improve their performance in the classroom. the research also shows music helps children process complex sounds and can lead to better language and reading skills. >> music has much broader benefits. it's not just a feel-good kind of a thing. there are academic, social, behavioral benefits. >> here's the catch, though. people actually have to play an instrument to see any benefits. simply turning up their earbuds on their ipods won't do it. >> probably not. well, going viral even before birth, an unborn baby's ultrasound picture grabbing lots of attention online. >> take a look at it. you see right there in the middle, the baby giving his
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thumbs up. the baby's father posted that picture on reddit last week. he said mom is actually pregnant with twins, due in january. >> somebody's hiding. >> maybe that thumbs up is like, i've got the camera shot. you, get over! >> photo bomb. a reason to high five, after the break.
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well, a community in indiana has something to high five about. >> broke the world record for the longest high five chain on tuesday. sounds like what we do after our newscast. people of all ages attended the record event in terriahaute. and the mayor was made up of more than 1,600 participants. the previous record was set in china back in april of 1300. >> high five. >> so at the end, what do they do. when they're all so very proud of what they've done. oh! >> we'll recover from that, see
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you tomorrow.
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>> are you sure you don't want to go to a real restaurant? >> no, this food cart is great. [baby crying] >> look at this guy. he used to be a man once. >> what is that supposed to mean? don't you want what he has someday-- family, wife, children? >> lemon, you're a woman. >> of course i am! that doctor was a quack. i don't even know why my parents listened to him. >> i need advice. elisa is coming by this afternoon to, uh, talk about us. >> ugh, ladies are such a bummer. >> where is this going? how serious are we? [as elisa] why don't you listen to my story about my friend? >> well, where is it going? ladies like to know what that next step is. they--we can't help ourselves. >> oh, believe me, lemon, i want to take that next step.


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